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Bulk Data Service

The Secretary of State's Bulk Data Service allows authorized subscribers to download business and UCC records on file with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, including:

Business Records

  • Full corporate database (monthly)
  • Full initial officers (monthly)
  • Full corporate officers and principals (monthly)
  • New corporate filings (daily/weekly)
  • New corporate officers (daily/weekly)
  • Changes to corporate records (daily)
  • Changes to corporate officers (daily)

UCC Filings

  • Full UCC filings (monthly)
  • Full UCC collateral (monthly)
  • Full secured parties and debtors (monthly)
  • New UCC filings (daily/weekly)
  • New UCC collateral (daily/weekly)
  • New secured parties and debtors (daily/weekly)

UCC Filing Images (daily)

Find information on the bulk data file formats and descriptions​

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, please register with and complete the Subscriber Agreement.

Subscribers using this service for commercial purposes will be charged a monthly subscription fee based on the type(s) of records specified in their subscriber agreements. Changes to record types may be made by amending the subscriber agreement.

  • Business Records - $2,000 per month
  • UCC Filings - $1,500 per month
  • UCC Filing Images - $300 per month

Non-commercial users (e.g., persons using the information for research) are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee, but the appropriate fee will change if the purpose of use changes to commercial.

For specific questions regarding the bulk subscription service, please contact at (502) 875-3733.

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