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Although every patent file is significant for family or historical research, the following selected patents exemplify various warrants or historical references.

  • George Rogers Clark's 10,000-acre military warrant for service as a Brigadier General during the Revolutionary War: WTRM 181
  • Survey by Daniel Boone: VA 8392.0
  • Warrant issued to widow for husband's service in the French and Indian War: VA 4147.0
  • Warrant issued for service in Colonel Washington's Regiment during the French and Indian War: VA 3699.0
  • Warrant issued for service with General Braddock during the French and Indian War: VA 4986.0
  • Importation Warrant: VA 3422.0
  • Squire Boone's Settlement Tract (the Stockfields) on Silver Creek: VA 6513.0
  • Plat drawing including Simon Kenton's cabin: VA 1628.0
  • Court Order authorizing Poor Person's patent: VA 4058
  • Non-Military land claims in northern Jackson Purchase region, including Paducah, prior to 1818: VA 8928.0, VA 8924.0, VA 3862.0, VA 8857.0, VA 9099.0, VA 8935.0, VA 9102.0, VA 9103.0, VA 8997.0
  • Grant apparently signed by Gov. Patrick Henry: VA 3407.0
  • Big Bone Lick: VA 3931.0 (issued by Lord Dunmore), OK 6302.0, OK 3229.0
  • Frankfort patents: VA 3195.0, VA 3482.0, VA 0060.0, VA 0843.0, VA 6687.0, VA 2974.0 (including new Capitol)
  • Pikeville: OK 2508.0 (one of several claims in the area by Rev. James Madison)
  • Warrant issued for clearing a road over Cumberland Mountain: VA 9117.0
  • Affidavits regarding Ruddell's Station: VA 9148.1
  • Land Office copy of grant issued by Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson and signed at Williamsburg in 1779: VA 0016.0 (numerous other grants issued by Gov. Jefferson are also found in the VA 3920.1 patent range)
  • Plat drawing depicting trace leading from Boonesborough to the Hazel Patch: OK 0116.0
  • Benjamin Logan's Certificate of Settlement claim (mentions canebrakes and his house): VA 0634.0
  • Patent issued for the benefit of the Hartford Academy: OK 5728.0
  • Survey by Daniel Boone. References an old camp made by Daniel & Edward Boone. File includes Affidavit of Descent:  VA 6750.0
  • Signature of John Filson:  VA 6488.0
  • ​Signature of Simon Kenton & Survey by John Bradford:  VA 5505.0